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About the Neumann Education Foundation

The not-for-profit Neumann Education Foundation is founded to partner with the El Paso County business community to join resources in order to equip elementary school students (K-6) and teachers with technology designed for kids to be ready to achieve success in life.

Why a foundation now?

We believe that for the next generation of El Paso County citizens to be able to succeed in our world they must be equipped with state-of-the-art technology and be given access to the most advanced instructional applications available.

Current education funding is not keeping up with technology advances. We believe that the investments made by the Neumann Education Foundation will give our elementary schools and teachers a head start to providing a long-term, life enriching education.

The foundation provides a portal for the El Paso County business community to make a significant and lasting investment in the next generation of its citizens.

Our Goals

Provide iPads, SMARTBoards & grade-appropriate application software to every elementary school classroom and every elementary age child and teacher in El Paso Count within 3 years.

Fund instructional programs, teacher training, and technology upgrades via contributions and grants.

Continue working with established teacher networks, the local STEM education community, selected local principals, teachers and the USAFA Dept of Education to build support and participation.

Work in partnership with the Colorado Springs business and education community to make El Paso County a world class model for utilizing technology in the classroom.

Neumann Education Foundation 501(c)(3) | P.O. Box 49336 | Colorado Springs | Colorado | 80949 | 719-357-5185